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Hardwood vs Softwood
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How does hardwood and softwood compare in South Africa

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There has been a great debate over the centuries, a feud passed down from braai master to braai apprentice, staining the fireplaces of many a living room with ashes that will never truly be swept away.

How will the fires that warm our homes and sear our pork chops, be fueled? By the quick lighting, short burning softwood firewood, or by the long-burning hardwood firewood. Today we put an end to this debate once and for all.

Benifits of softwoods

Benifits of softwoods

So now, that we have all the facts we can come to a final verdict and put this debate to to rest. Hardwoods are better in general than softwoods, they burn hotter, longer and those that smoke do it a whole lot less. It's easier to store and you can get a lot more use out of a lot less. Softwoods are just so much easier to get lit, and lets face it, sometimes you want little smoke and resin. Here at Rand Wood, we say: Why choose? You can have the best of both worlds. For every thirty bags of high-grade hardwood we'll give a bag of softwood kindling to get your fire started absolutely free of charge, or if it's just a quick blaze you're after, you can buy yout softwood seperately at great rates. We're not here to judge.