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Anthracite Coal

Free, fast anthracite delivery to Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Midrand, Roodepoort and Nearby

Anthracite For Sale

Top-quality, A-grade, dust-free anthracite for sale in Johannesburg. Our anthracite is small nut/golf ball-sized, which is the most commonly used size for anthracite stoves.

10 x 15KG Anthracite


10 bags of 15kg anthracite coal R1500 Small Nut Anthracite A-Grade Anthracite Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 150KG Anthracite

10 x 30KG Anthracite


10 bags of 30kg anthracite coal R2850 Small Nut Anthracite A-Grade Anthracite Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 300KG Anthracite

10 x 50KG Anthracite


10 bags of 50kg anthracite coal R4500 Small Nut Anthracite A-Grade Anthracite Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 500KG Anthracite

Anthracite Size - Small Nut

We offer small nut-sized anthracite, which is ideal for use in all types of anthracite stoves. The size of the anthracite is similar to that of a golf ball and can be seen in the comparison images provided, where it is shown next to a R5 coin.

anthracite size comparison
anthracite size comparison
anthracite size comparison

Anthracite coal in Johannesburg

Anthracite heaters and stoves have become increasingly popular in South Africa's domestic heating market. The heaters, themselves, can be found in various designs to suit any home style. The users of anthracite heaters will attest that it is the most hygienic method of in home heating compared to other fossil fuels, namely, wood and coal.

There are many advantage of using anthracite, some of the benifits are listed below:

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Anthracite use vs firewood use during winter

As firewood or coal using household it is in ones best interest to begin preparing for the winter months before the cold starts to set in. This can be done by checking for any maintanance issues with your fireplaces, stoves and heaters as well as doing a routine chimney cleaning/sweeping.

The initial cost of a anthracite heater/stove purchase and installation is far higher than than other fireplace types. However, the benefits of using anthracite seems to outweigh those of firewood. Anthracite coal burns hotter and longer than any of the other fossil fuels on the market. It's the cleanest burning fuel too, giving off little to no fumes.

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