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Read our FAQ below to help answer some of your burning questions

What is the weight of your firewood bags?

Our bags range from 6KG - 8KG. Remember moisture plays a significant role in the weight of bags, and bag sizes are a more accurate indication of the amount of firewood you receive.

What is the length of the firewood logs?

They are cut to an average length of 27cm which is ideal for open and closed combustion fireplaces.

What is the diameter of the firewood logs?

5cm – 15cm in thickness & diameter

Is your firewood dry?

The moisture content ranges from 10 - 20% which is the optimal range for firewood as it won't burn too fast, or not ignite at all.

How do we store our firewood?

We store our firewood in a warhouse, safe from the rain.

How much space will the firewood take up?

It depends on how we stack the firewood for you, but to give a rough estimate: 30 Bags will take around 2/3 m² of space. 60 bags will take 1 m² of space. 100 Bags will take around 1.5 m² of space.

Can you deliver today?

Depending on how busy we are you may get same day delivery. Peak season it will be 1 - 2 days wait time.

Can I get a discount?

We offer discounts on larger orders and are always running promotions, get in touch and ask about what promotion we are currently running for great discounts or free goodies.

What payment method you accept

You can pay EFT or COD. Unfortunatly we do not have card facilities.

What types of firewood do you stock?

We stock Blue Gum, Sekelbos and Black Wattle firewood, bakkie loads of mixed firewood, bakkie loads of sekelbos braai wood we also stock anthracite coal.

What firewood is best for the fireplace?

We recommend blue gum or black wattle as it burns very hot and burns for long. You can also burn sekelbos in the fireplace.

What firewood is best for a braai?

We recommend sekelbos braai wood as it gives of a lovely smokey flavour to the meat and it produces hot coals, which is ideal for braaing.

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