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Sekelbos Braai Wood

Enjoy a nice braai with sekelbos firewood. Order in bulk and receive great discounts

Sekelbos firewood is a hardwood, it makes long lasting coals that prduce high heat making it perfect for the braai. Sekelbos can also be used for your fireplace, inculding open and closed combustion fireplaces.

30 Bags of Sekelbos


30 bags of sekelbos firewood R1200 1 x Bag Kindling 1 x Pack Firelighters Free Local Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 30 Firewood Bags

60 Bags of Sekelbos


60 bags of sekelbos firewood R2200 2 x Bag Kindling 2 x Pack Firelighters Free Local Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 60 Firewood Bags

100 Bags of Sekelbos


100 bags of sekelbos firewood R3800 5 x Bag Kindling 5 x Pack Firelighters Free Local Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 100 Firewood Bags

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What is Sekelbos braai wood?

This is a very special type of wood that originates from Namibia. It is especially beloved of braai experts because it:

All of these features are due to the natural habitat of the Sekelbos tree. This tree grows in scorching hot conditions, hence its low moisture content.

This wood is so simple to use when you have a BBQ or braai. Because it is so parched and dry in and of itself, it is very easy to set it alight and this means that you can kiss goodbye to those frustrating afternoons when you seem to spend hours attempting to light up your braai.

Many people love using this wood because of the musky and aromatic aroma that it gives off when it burns. In addition, Sekelbos wood burns with large reddish flames which look very attractive. The wood itself is beautiful to look at as it has a dark outer rim and a dusky red interior. Many braai owners like to stack their Sekelbos wood in a prime location so as to create an appealing display beside the braai area.

Enhance the flavor of your braai food

Using our Sekelbos wood for your braai will help you to achieve the best flavor for your BBQ-ed meats, veggies and corn. This is because it will imbue the food that you cook on your braai with just the right amounts of smokiness and aroma. If you want to serve up steak, tofu, sausages and mushrooms with a distinctive flavor that is utterly delicious, then take advantage of this Sekelbos braai wood for sale now.

Is Sekelbos just for braais?

The short answer is 'no'. This wood can be used not just for braais but also for wood burning stoves and classic fireplaces. Just because it is called 'braai wood' here does not mean that you cannot branch out with this Sekelbos wood and use it to give your stove cooked food a delectable smoky taste or to give a warm room a homey aroma of musk. Sekelbos can also be used for...

If you are planning on having a braai in the near future, it is crucial to purchase the right type of braai wood for it. Sekelbos braai wood is by far the top choice for anyone who wants their braai to burn robustly and evenly. We offer only the best Sekelbos braai wood for sale in Johannesburg, so order bag in bulk today.

We offer Sekelbos braai wood for sale at amazing prices

As you can see from the above, Sekelbos is a highly desirable wood for braais - as well as suitable for other purposes such as using in wood burning stoves or outdoor heaters. Nevertheless, we offer this top quality wood for sale at stunningly low prices. So, if you are in search of braai wood supplier in Johannesburg you have most definitely come to the right place.

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