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Kameeldoring Braai Wood

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Kameeldoring (20kg)

Kameeldoring is a hardwood and is an all rounder for any firemaking use. Kameeldoring is the king of all firewood and braai wood.

10 Bags of Kameeldoring


10 bags of kameeldoring braai wood R1500 1 Bag Kindling 1 Pack Firelighters Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 10 Kameeldoring

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30 bags of kameeldoring braai wood R4500 5 Bag Kindling 5 Pack Firelighters Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 30 Kameeldoring

Kameeldoring: Uses for Camel Thorn Firewood

Kameeldoring wood is known for being one of the hardest and longest-burning woods available. It grows abundantly in Namibia and is imported into South Africa. Kameeldoring is commonly used for open fireplaces, closed wood-burning stoves and braais.

Kameeldoring is an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as campfires and chimineas, as it burns consistently and provides a good source of heat.

Kameeldoring vs Sekelbos

Sekelbos and Kameeldoring are two popular hardwoods native to Southern Africa, particularly in Namibia and South Africa. Both are known for their exceptional burning characteristics and are widely used as firewood for heating and braaing purposes.

Sekelbos: is a dense hardwood that burns intensely hot and produces minimal smoke. It's ideal for braais, imparting a unique flavor to braai meat.

Kameeldoring: is known for its long burn time and consistently high heat output. It's suitable for open fireplaces, closed wood-burning stoves, and braais.

In comparison, Kameeldoring offers a longer burn time and consistent heat, while Sekelbos provides a flavorful, aromatic braai experience. Both are excellent firewood choices, with unique qualities suitable for different applications. In a head to head battle kameeldoring wins.

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