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What is the Best Firewood
for the Braai?

There are many braai woods to choose from but only one makes the cut for best braai wood

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There is no better way to feed guests when hosting an event or a party in Johannesburg than with a Braai. Braaing has therefore become more of a religion than a mere pastime activity. Whether it is marinated chicken, lamb or steak, everything will have a unique flavor that can only be obtained by the slow cooking of a Braai. However, while there are a number of different types of braai wood to use, only a few offer the best results. In this write-up, we take a look at what is the best wood for braai and what makes for good braai wood.

Best wood for the braai

Some people may think that using any kind of braai wood will achieve the desired results, it is nonetheless a fact that an excellent option like sekelbos wood will provide a different and more rewarding experience. When choosing the best braai wood, there are some factors to consider. The energy produced and the aromatic additions of the wood are the most important things. One of the best wood for braai is sekelbos. Braaing is actually a pleasure on a bed of hot sekelbos wood.

This type of wood has some unique natural oils that imparts a lovely smokey flavor to the meat. It grows in desert areas hence it is naturally dried in the desert sun making it a perfect choice for braai’s. It therefore has an ultra low moisture content of any braai wood and possibly any firewood in the world. As a result, it has slow and long burn time, no wasted energy and virtually zero smoke production thereby offering the best return in calorific value. In addition, it burns with a musky aromatic fragrance, larger flames and creates great amounts of charcoal hence perfect for use on a braai or a BBQ.

sekelbos braai wood
braai wood burning

What makes for good braai wood?

A good braai requires wood that will be easy to light and burn properly, creating a perfect coal base over which to roast the meat. Cooking your meat at the right temperature is important which is easily attainable with the best braai wood. So if you are wondering what exactly makes for good Braai wood, here are some key points to help you.

Hard wood vs soft wood for a braai

What you are braaing dictates what wood type you use. Using the right wood will ensure you get the best out of your braai. Hard wood is the most preferred option for a Braai because of its density and low moisture content. Hardwood also creates hot coals to roast your meat and emits less smoke. It is easy to light, burns well and is great for hotter and longer fires especially for a braai. Soft wood on the other hand can also make for a good braai but not as good as hardwood unless it has been well seasoned and mixed with hardwood. Softwood has poorer coaling qualities, is lighter and with lower density. They are great for kindling but not as good as hardwoods when it comes to braaing because they tend to emit more smoke and burn out quicker.

We sell quality sekelbos in Johannesburg

For the best type of Braai wood for an event and guarantee that your guests will be pleased, we sell top quality sekelbos in Johannesburg to ensure the best coals when braaing. Our aim is to offer great value for money. All our sekelbos wood are seasoned to ensure you get the best burn and locally acquired from sustainable sources. We are aware that there is a greater demand for this supply and we are able to cater for all our customers needs. Get in touch with us for more details on how we can help you or to place your order and schedule delivery.

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