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Firewood For Sale in Fourways Sandton

Get quality firewood or braai wood delivered to your home or business in Fourways

Fourways Firewood

Order your firewood today in Fourways. We offer free, fast delivery to Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Get free firelighters and kindling on "almost" all orders.

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Fourways is a wonderful residential area to live in, all thanks to its proximity to the city centre and a laid back look. Combining a unique taste of modernity with native African beauty and nature, this suburb remains a top choice to expats and upper class locals as well. Beneath the glamour, though, nights in this part of Johannesburg can get a little too cold. This is because, unlike other African cities, this area has very little humidity. While that brings lots of advantages with it e.g. you don’t have to sleep with the air conditioner (AC) turned on, it also means that you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to keep your house warm. With rising electricity and petroleum prices, the only affordable and safe way to make the most of those cold nights is by investing in some firewood.

firewood in fourways
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Whether you are planning on stocking up your supply of firewood just to help you through those cold arduous moments of the year, keeping a pile nearby can help light up those summer months. You basically want to invest in high quality firewood, with low moisture content for a clean burn. Finding pure wood means you enjoy long lasting burn and at the same time you keep your family warm.

Call 081 390 3814 or email us at to order. You can also order online by going to our online shop Firewood or Anthracite Coal. Free next day firewood delivery anywhere in Fourways, Sandton, South Africa

Quality Firewood in Fourways

Don’t just buy wood. Make sure your firewood is properly dried. Unseasoned wood is actually an extremely poor source of fuel – its high moisture content means that a substantial amount of energy which is released during combustion goes to waste. Well dried logs on the other hand, have a lower moisture content, thanks to an elaborate drying procedure.

Did you know that in a typical fire, burning 10 dried logs with a water content of less than 15% generates the same amount of heat output as burning 33 ordinary logs? This is a clear indication of the difference in efficiency as it takes more than three seasoned logs to create the same kind of warmth generated by one properly dried log.

This is a great advantage especially for heaters and stoves as they require much less attention to provide cleaner burns.

Advantages of using quality firewood

There are many advantages of firewood a few examples below:

Firewood has shown to be:

Indeed, nothing makes a home look better and ambient that a blazing fireplace that radiates heat unlike anything else. And irrespective of where you live in the expansive, high-end Fourways district, you can rest assured that we can deliver your load of firewood in line with your specific requirements. Order your supply today.

Call 081 390 3814 or email us at to order. Free firewood delivery anywhere in Fourways, Sandton, South Africa

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