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Firewood For Sale in Krugersdorp Gauteng

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Krugersdorp Firewood

Order your firewood today in Krugersdorp. We offer free, fast delivery to Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Get free firelighters and kindling on "almost" all orders.

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As the cold season in Krugersdorp approaches, investing in dry firewood in Joburg can be the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. And there is no better way than buying our firewood for sale in Krugersdorp. It has less impact to the environment than if you’re burning a petroleum product to heat your home. So create the perfect winter meal while warming yourself by the fireplace for a cozy evening in with family and friends.

Situated in the West Rand of Gauteng and near highways to Johannesburg CBD, Krugersdorp has to offer. It boasts amazing infrastructure including a thriving business center, sport and educational facilities as well as fantastic shopping malls. It is therefore a great residential area with a family-friendly neighborhood. Being located about 468 km to the sea/ocean, weather in this city is influenced by dry winter, wet summer climate. The coldest month is usually July with temperatures in this month falling up to 0.6 degrees Celsius at night on average.

firewood in krugersdorp
krugersdorp firewood delivery

Call 081 390 3814 or email us at to order. You can also order online by going to our online shop Firewood or Anthracite Coal . Free next day firewood delivery anywhere in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

What makes for good firewood

When determining which firewood burns better, always consider the density and moisture content of the wood to ensure you get what you pay for. Green wood is the least expensive but quite difficult to burn as it’s freshly split. It has higher moisture content around 50% to 60% which means a high percentage of energy in the wood is usually absorbed by water and lost thereby preventing the wood from burning hot.

Semi-seasoned wood is one that has been split and allowed to dry for around 6 months. It can be a little difficult to light and is also a little more expensive. Fully seasoned firewood on the other hand though more expensive is worth the cost. It is far more superior to green and semi-seasoned wood because it has been split, stacked and stored in a dry area so it can dry properly. This type of firewood is usually dry all the way to the core and not just on the surface. Investing in fully seasoned firewood in Krugersdorp means less smoke hence less tar, more heat, fast lighting and sustained burning.

Finding a firewood supplier in Krugersdorp

When looking for firewood to buy in Krugersdorp, there are some factors you should take into consideration to ensure you’re a working with a good supplier. This way you won’t end up buying poor quality firewood. These factors include:

Firewood delivery areas in Krugersdorp

We often deliver firewood to the following in Krugersorp: Noordheuwel, Mindalore, Monument, Kenmare and surrounding areas.

Order now for the best firewood for sale in Krugersdorp

The most effective and classic way to keep you feeling warm and toasty during those cold days in Krugersdorp is by heating quality wood in the fireplace . It also creates a great ambiance to unwind after a very long day at work. Don’t settle for any firewood you find on the side of the road. We sell quality firewood throughout Krugersdorp city for both residential and commercial use. Talk to us today to find out what is the best firewood for sale in Krugersdorp to heat your home this winter and for many more still to come.

Call 081 390 3814 or email us at Free firewood delivery anywhere in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

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