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30 Bags of Blue Gum


30 bags of blue gum firewood R1100 1 Bag Kindling 1 Pack Firelighters Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 30 Blue Gum

60 Bags of Blue Gum


60 bags of blue gum firewood R2000 2 Bag Kindling 2 Pack Firelighters Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 60 Blue Gum

100 Bags of Blue Gum


100 bags of blue gum firewood R3200 5 Bag Kindling 5 Pack Firelighters Free, Fast Delivery (Ts & Cs) Order 100 Blue Gum

Is your supply of wood running low and you’re shopping for a firewood supplier in Johannesburg? Finding a reputable supplier that will supply you with quality firewood at affordable prices in a timely, reliable manner is key. While most firewood suppliers are honest, the spike in demand for wood during winter seasons in Johannesburg usually creates an opportunity for crooks as well. So how do you go about linking up with a fair deal?

firewood supplier in johannesburg
firewood supply

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Blue gum firewood supplier

Although not endemic to Johannesburg, Blue Gum has made the city a home. Its huge tree offers a great supply of wood. It is an excellent wood to use in fireplaces as it lasts extremely long. However, since it is hardwood tree, finding well-seasoned Blue Gum is important. The wood needs at least two years to season so it can give off great heat. For this reason, finding the best Blue Gum firewood supplier is key. This way you won’t end up with Blue Gum that has not been sufficiently seasoned. So before settling on any supplier, do a thorough research.

Sekelbos braai wood supplier

Commonly found throughout South Africa, Sekelbos provides Johannesburg homes with vast supply of firewood. Finding a Sekelbos braai wood supplier in Johannesburg is therefore easy. Unfortunately, since the wood is readily available, getting scammed is also easy. So always make sure you find a dependable, honest and reputable supplier.

The firewood makes an extremely dry and hardy wood, giving off intense heat while burning incredibly long. Its dead fallen branches usually dry naturally in hot dessert sun thereby making the wood perfect fuel for braai’s, fireplaces and BBQ’s. The wood has unique natural oils so when it is burned it imparts a pleasant smoky aroma that enhances the flavors of the braai meat.

Why to buy firewood in bulk?

Burning wood in a fireplace or even the stove is an economical source of heating in Johannesburg as it provides a cozy focus for your home. Finding a reliable firewood supplier on the other hand can be daunting experience as most sales are rather informal affairs. Due to this, most Johannesburg homeowners are choosing to buy firewood in bulk. Although buying in bulk has its drawbacks, the benefits home owners reap outweighs the drawbacks by far. There are many pros of buying firewood in bulk find out what they are:

Final word

Get to work with a sustainable firewood supplier Johannesburg to be sure you’re getting the wood type and quantity that you pay for. We have built a reputation on supplying our customers with quality firewood delivering direct to the customers throughout the Johannesburg region. In fact, majority of customers usually come to us through word of mouth. So if you are a resident of Johannesburg and you are searching for a dependable firewood supplier, give us a call today to find out more about what we have to offer.

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