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Seasoned Firewood
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Wet wood can ruin any evening by the firewood, always get seasoned firewood in Johannesburg

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Every piece of firewood you come across was once part of a green tree. One thing you have to know about green trees is that they have water locked in their cavities and cell walls. Even when the tree is felled, not all the water dries off immediately – and this is where seasoning comes in handy. Finding quality dry firewood is therefore highly important. Unseasoned wood is not only hard to light but also just as complicated to keep burning. Even your expensive wood-burning stove is guaranteed to perform at below average as it struggles to burn unseasoned wood. You are also likely to experience a blue-gray smoke, which can foul your entire house annoying everyone including the neighbors. In short, firewood seasoning is of utmost importance. But what is it really?

seasoned dry firewood
seasoned firewood

What is seasoned firewood?

Trees are made up of cell cavities and tiny long tubes that are filled with water. When a tree is cut and left to dry for a few days, the water from the tiny long tubes “free water” easily escapes. Water contained in cell cavities is however left – it takes longer to lose this water. This is why even when a piece of wood may look dry to the eye, it may prove exceptionally difficult to light up. The goal of seasoning is to ensure this category of water is eliminated before the wood is delivered to you.

This improves your stove’s efficiency and spreads heat around the house. Yet another not-so-obvious benefit of seasoning is that it prevents molding. Keeping a stack of unseasoned wood in your house could increase the risk of unwitting release of mold to your environment.

Why should you use seasoned firewood

Seasoned firewood burns hot, which also means that it warms your home quicker. Besides that, it burns clean meaning you don’t have to worry about your walls darkening due to creosote deposits. Even better, seasoned wood burns slower, providing a good return on investment for you. This is of course in addition to the fact that this kind of wood is easier to stack and longer lasting. Only seasoned wood can roar, crack and pop – remaining lit with little getting in the way of your ambience. There is also something about the natural aroma of fire from this kind of wood that makes it so wonderful especially when watching a movie or entertaining friends. Other Benefits:

Where to buy properly seasoned firewood

Good firewood is not just any other bunch of logs. It has to be sourced from the most reliable sources in the market and presented just the way it should. All firewood available at our Johannesburg stores is seasoned and it has been properly checked before it is made available for sale. This ensures that you, the homeowner, can enjoy a safe, clean and efficient fireplace to keep those cold nights warmer and friendlier.

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