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We supply dry sekelbos in Johannesburg, ready from bag to braai

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A braai is an excellent way to relax and to spend quality time with your friends and family. What makes a braai great? The perfect firewood of course! A specialist braai wood supplier in Johannesburg will enable you to have a great braai every time!

Choosing the right braai wood for your braai will ensure that your BBQ:

All of our braai firewood is of the very highest quality , and will check all of the boxes in the list above (and much much more!). What is more, it comes ready chopped, so you do not need to spend time softening and splitting hard firewood: just load the wood onto your braai and you are ready to go.

braai fire
burning wood

A braai wood supplier you can count on in Johannesburg

For one thing, we provide you with a fantastic variety of specially selected braai woods, so it will be easy to get the perfect one for you.

From Rooikrans to Tasmanian Blue Gum, there are numerous types of braai firewood on offer here. To get you started, here are three top types of wood that will suit your braai perfectly:

Rooikrans: a dense, hard wood that will burn for a long time. Ideal for braais that stretch out throughout a long afternoon and into the evening, too. It also has an appealing smokey and musky aroma when it burns that will add flavor to meats, breads and veggies on the braai. As it is dense, Rooikrans can be a little more difficult to light than other woods, but once it is alight, it will stay lit for hours.

Sekelbos: an exceptionally dry wood that gives of a lot of heat, so if you want your food to really sizzle this is the perfect choice. This wood is super dry because it is left to bake in the African sun, so it is easy to set light to.

Blue Gum: coming from the Eucalyptus tree, this is a cooler wood that is good for cooking food more slowly. Many braai users like the fact that this wood is resinous, which makes it crackle a little - though it still burns cleanly.

Braai tips

In depth information about all of the woods that we supply in Johannesburg can be found on our site. One helpful tip, though is to use a variety of different woods in your braai to get the perfect mix. For example,

Why is it important to spend time reading up on woods on this braai wood supplier website?

Quite simply because not all braai woods are alike, and as a result you will find that some woods serve your purposes better than others. You will be astounded at how much difference good quality firewood can make to the overall braai experience. Purchasing the finest wood from us will make your braai:

Want a quick guide to get the party started? Follow these 5 simple tips.

Purchase some braai wood from us today.

We provide an amazing variety of excellent quality braai firewood in Johannesburg. Affordable prices, convenience (we offer the perfect sized bags of ready chopped wood) and guaranteed quality are some of the key hallmarks of our braai wood supplier service. Call us on 081 390 3814 to order or email us at to have your braai wood delivered today