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The Types of Braai Wood
in South Africa

See the different types of braai woods and there specific characteristics

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Paying attention to the type of wood that you use for your braai will make the whole BBQ experience so much more successful and enjoyable, always ensure you get wood from a reputable firewood supplier. A good braai wood ought to be:

In addition, you might want wood that:

braai wood type

What types of braai wood are out there?

We only sell the very best quality braai wood, and there are certain types of firewood that are especially well suited for use on the braai. Let's take these one by one and examine their key qualities.

1. Kameeldoring

Also known as 'Camel Thorn', this wood's key advantages are that it:

This is a dense and heavy wood which burns for a long time and at a high temperature. In short, it is the perfect braai wood.

2. Mopani

Key advantages of this wood are that like Kameeldoring it is:

It is also -

One provison is that this wood can be hard to light. You may wish to use fluid to light the braai when you use Mopani wood, though be warned that this can prevent you enjoying the natural aromatic smoke of this braai wood.

3. Sekelbos

A classic braai wood with a distinctive yellow wood, Sekelbos braai wood is perfect for:

Hot tip: another aromatic wood to use is Apple Wood, though it tends to be harder to source than Sekelbos as it is rarer.

4. Blue Gum

This wood, which comes from the Eucalyptus tree, does not burn with such a hot flame as woods like Sekelbos do. What it does offer though is longevity: your braai will keep on burning for hours on end when you use Blue Gum firewood. Need an extra tip? Dampen your Blue Gum braai wood slightly as this will help it to burn for even longer (though it will turn down the heat a little more too).

5. Rooikrans

This is a brilliant all round braai wood as it is:

Want to make your braai even better? Try mixing together various types of wood to get the temperature, longevity and aroma that you desire.

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