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Knowing which firewood is the best for you depends largely upon your preferences. But when every coin counts, it is essential to get the most heat you can from your firewood. The solution is to ensure you invest in good dry firewood. If you use wet firewood, it is both damaging for the environment and will be uncomfortable for you and your neighbors because of all the smoke that will be generated and general difficulty in lighting it.

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Best dry firewood in Joburg

Finding quality dry firewood for sale can be a hustle in Johannesburg. Some suppliers will try to sell you firewood saturated with water claiming it is dry. So if you lack knowledge about what exactly is properly seasoned firewood, you will be easily duped by greedy firewood suppliers. Quality dry firewood should be dry all the way to the core rather than just on the outside. This way it will be easy to get the fire going for long.

For the best dry wood for sale, choosing a reputable firewood supplier can go a long way to save you some considerable amount of money. So don’t be tempted to buy the firewood just anywhere including on the road side. The rule of the thumb however in this case is that one should always test whether the firewood is dry to be on the safer side.

Benefits of dry firewood

No doubt dry firewood has lots of benefits to offer users which is the reason it is a more preferred option than wet firewood. It is however a little bit expensive because of the elaborate drying procedure it has to go before it is ready for use. Below are some benefits to investing in quality dry firewood in the market:

Ensuring your firewood has the right moisture content

A freshly chopped tree has a moisture content of between 40 and 65% depending on the type of tree and the time of the year it was first cut. Any firewood that has a moisture content of more than 50%, it is green wood. Firewood is dry when its moisture content between 15 an 20 percent. Experts on the matter however claim that firewood is at its best as an energy source when it has moisture content of 20% or even less. The most accurate way to ensure your firewood has the right moisture content is by using a wood moisture meter. You can also confirm if your firewood is dry through the washing-up liquid test or the sound test.

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Whatever time of year you need dry firewood, you can rely on our services. We sell dry firewood in Johannesburg and we can have it delivered to your doorstep ready to use. Our firewood is 100% guaranteed dry. So all dry firewood we sell to you will be exactly what we advertise. Talk to us for more information about our dry firewood.

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