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Different types of fireplaces
in South Africa

There are two types of fireplaces. Open fireplaces and closed fireplaces.

When burning firewood make sure you use the correct fireplace wood. Call 081 390 3814 to order or email us at to order quality closed or open fireplace wood.

As South Africa is the rainbow nation, different types of people and cultures are spread through the country. A diverse population will then naturally mean a variety of preferences when it comes to household heating. One of the methods for household heating is the use of a fireplace or anthracite heater to warm a home. There are many different varieties of fireplaces to choose from in Gauteng.

Fireplace date back thousands of years. Chimneys, however, were only thought of much later. Chimneys were invented when people who made indoor fires suffered illnesses from the smoke within their homes. They needed a way to vent the smoke out of their dwellings to make it livable.

Every fireplace has always needed to be heat efficient, but not always visually appealing. As society progressed people started decorating the outside of their fireplaces with beautiful designs and patterns. It was really in the 19th century where people started installing fireplaces for the sole purpose of creating a cozy atmosphere to their homes, usually placing in the living area instead of its previous place in the laundry or kitchen and it needed to be spacious enough for a moderately sized cauldron to not only fit inside but there also needed to be room for housewives to work with.

Traditional Open fireplaces

An open hearth fireplace is the oldest among the kinds of fireplaces. It dates back to Greek mythology. This fireplace was so common in the 17th century that they were taxed in England for 27 years. In the 1900's if you had a fireplace ten to one it was an open fireplace. These fireplaces allow you to feel the burning fire and watch the flames. They are easily vented and require a flue cleaning once a year.

As the centuries passed advances in the design of fireplaces made them much more heat efficient than that of the more primitive designs. Fireplaces no longer need to be big enough to hoist an age-old enormous pot, they can be small and petite considering how heat efficient they are. A person wanting to accessorize their home with an open fireplace has endless options and can design the outside of their fireplace exactly how they would like it to be. Fireplaces can be built in any area of a room, even in the center of a space.

Enclosed fireplaces

The wood burning stove was invented in the 16th century and was only available to the rich upper class back when a proper heat source was a commodity. They are made with steel or most commonly cast iron. Modern domestic wood burning stoves can be quite stylish. These stoves are fueled by wood, sawdust bricks or anthracite coal. They can be very heat efficient when the air flow is controlled properly. The chimney flue is the most important part of this appliance, it needs to be maintained extremely well.

Nowadays we have many varieties of enclosed fireplaces. The most common brand names would be Morso and Jetmaster. Here at chimney cleaning Johannesburg we are able to service every fireplace and chimney make on the market without hassle.