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Keeping your home warm throughout those cold winter months in Johannesburg means you have to invest in ready and steady supply of wood. And there is no better way to do so than with fireplace wood for sale here in Johannesburg. It can help chase those winter blues away without too much hassle. However, you cannot just throw any old firewood onto your fireplace. The quality of the firewood is very important. Good quality firewood burns longer thereby providing almost zero levels of toxicity. We review some of the best wood for the fireplace you will find in Johannesburg.

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Blue gum firewood

There are a myriad of wood types for the different fireplace types to choose from with different burning qualities and properties. Blue gum firewood from the Eucalyptus family is one of the best woods for the fireplace in Johannesburg. Because of its high density, the wood burns very hot and long compared to traditional woods. It is therefore great if you like filling-up the fire box and relaxing. It takes about three years to season completely and generally exudes less ash. Fortunately, the temperature of the fireplace can be controlled by mixing lumps of Blue Gum with another type of wood like pine that burns with a cooler flame.


Black wattle

Other fireplace woods you can try is the black wattle firewood. It is an excellent firewood with a heat output similar to Blue Gum. It grows easily and is actually grown commercially in South Africa on a massive scale. It is dry and burns slowly thereby providing heat for hours . For this reason, it is widely used in South Africa due to its minimal residue.



Why hardwood burns best?

Hardwood trees are the longest-burning firewood that produces the most heat. They are denser woods which makes them burn best and produce as much heat compared to other words. Unlike softwood, hardwoods are easy to light and boasts less moisture hence not too dry and not too moist allowing them to burn too fast.

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There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a quality wood burning fireplace. Good quality fireplace wood for sale that burns well is however not something easy to find in Johannesburg. That is why we do our best to ensure that we offer our customers the best firewood for a cozy evening with friends or even a romantic evening with your special one. So don’t get left in the cold, contact us for your winter load of fireplace wood.

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